Wrath and Rainbows is a term that has floated around in my head for years. The imagery has stuck with me over time because it melds together the beauty and misery that life throws at us every day. This site is an outlet for my thoughts, my passions and my worldview. Whether it is a quick comment on something that has piqued my interest or an in depth look at my own self, Wrath and Rainbows gives me a space to write, to exist. The website is split into several main categories:

Quick Thoughts are smaller posts highlighting my view on a variety of topics. They are designed to give bite size chunks of my opinion on pop culture and the world around me. Some posts may mention multiple items tied together by theme or relevance to a specific point in my life.

Brain Dump is used for larger articles, providing a meatier look at a specific subject. These posts are along the lines of a formal review or editorial. Though I do not give scores or grades, Brain Dump will give my deeper perspective.

Repeatable articles are related to a larger overall series. Series may come and go over time, but each will focus on a specific theme, not always related to pop culture. For instance:

“Who The Hell Am I?” is a series of articles designed to highlight my journey of self discovery over the last several years. There are many aspects that define a person, and with that in mind, I hope to explore the characteristics that represent me, the events that have shaped my life and the passions that drive me forward to tomorrow, all while being transparent and honest.

Retrograde posts were written in the past. Whether originally used for another website or sitting in a notebook for years waiting to once again see the light of day, these articles are a look into my writing and thought process over the years. The content may be edited for spelling and grammar, but otherwise is left in its original condition. Whenever possible, a brief description of when the content was written is provided to frame the writing in its original context.

Word Pile focuses on my passion for writing. Though I am a System Application Engineer in my day job, I have had a love for words since early in my life. As I attempt to make writing an recurring part of my days, I may want to share certain content through this site. Word Pile provides an outlet to find those random poems, short stories and excerpts.

Thanks for taking the time to visit. Feel free to contact me through any of the social media links at the top of the page.

Rick Brose