The Road To Gaming Rebirth: An Intro

Note:  I originally wrote this back in May and never got around to posting it.

As a kid, video games were a large part of my life. Born in 1980, I had the chance to grow up alongside the industry. My family did not have a lot of money, but we managed to have a game system in the house most of my life. Early on, it was Pong and the Atari 2600. Later, we had a Nintendo. I spent birthday money on a Sega Genesis. Years after, I did the same to purchase an Atari Jaguar. I invested countless hours in the hobby. As my income grew, I began collecting rare systems like the Magnavox Odyssey 2 and the Vectrex. But even as my collection expanded, my interest in gaming faded.

I bought the newest consoles and handhelds, but I would not use them. I would play some games for half an hour and never touch them again. Others I never played at all. Soon, I was only playing games when friends were over to play. Lives got busy, and that faded out too. My days of gaming came to an end. Even Pokemon, a series that I obsessed over, lost its appeal.

As years pass, my life continues to remain game free, but I miss gaming. Thinking back on those years of video games brings back good memories. I enjoyed exercising my mind and motor skills while diving into a good game. I miss discovering games that made me sit back in awe, and I miss gaming with friends. I want those experiences again.

With the recent release of Xbox One and PS4, I have been itching to get back into gaming. But will I play the games or will it be another gadget collecting dust on my shelves? Part of the problem is time. As I grew up, new responsibilities and interests took over the free time in my life. It happens to everyone. We choose the priorities in our lives. There are other factors that created the division with gaming though. With the advancement of gaming, titles began to include percentages of completion, achievements, trophies and other measurements of success. My personality likes to complete things. As measurements were introduced, it made me want to reach 100%. Games like Super Mario Galaxy were challenging but enjoyable when reaching the goal. Other games made achievements so difficult that only hardcore gamers could accomplish them. That took away the fun for me. I would stop playing the game shortly after starting. It is a mentality that killed my ability to be a regular gamer. I need to stop myself from thinking on those terms and reteach myself how to enjoy playing games for the experience, not the end goals.

Out of the two big issues that split me from gaming, time is not a problem. There is no reason that I cannot set aside half an hour a day to play games. I can cut some television from my life without any regrets. Learning to enjoy playing games again is a different beast to overcome, but I know there is fun to be had if I can conquer my personality quirks. And so, I have decided to give it a shot. I bought an Xbox One and PS4. On top of that, I also received a Vita for my birthday from my girlfriend. Now, I have the hardware and a mission. Can I delve back into the world of gaming and find the enjoyment I once knew? This is the beginning of a journey to my rebirth as a gamer. I plan to write about my experiences: games I enjoy, games I hate, decisions I make over how much of a game to complete. It is not my intention to drown myself in games. I have missed over a decade of titles, but I do not want to create a huge backlog of games that make me feel overwhelmed. I think that can ruin the gaming experience as much as my instinct to try and complete everything I play. Instead, I want to come to franchises with a fresh perspective. I have the chance to discover games in a new way. I am excited, and I look forward to sharing the journey.

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