Gone Girl

I had a chance to see Gone Girl with my girlfriend yesterday. I knew little going into the movie, but heard enough good things that it got me to the theater, a rare event these days. A day later and I am still troubled by the film. Do not get me wrong, I enjoyed the movie. It was suspenseful, touching and shocking in a number of different ways. I will not spoil the movie here, it is worth seeing without knowing a lot, but I will say that the events that unfold have made me think about relationships and humanity in a disturbing light.

Solid performances throughout the two and half hours created a feeling of unease. The score provided a haunting, atmospheric backdrop to the story as it unfolded. The personal reality of how tough marriage can be and the increasing awareness of mankind’s brokenness also helped Gone Girl make an impact that will stick with me for the next week, slowly creeping in and out of my conscious thoughts.

David Fincher does an excellent job of painting a dark, nerve racking and believable world. Gillian Flynn has done a great job of bringing her novel to the big screen. In a country filled with tragic news and media washed reality, Gone Girl feels familiar while remaining fresh. I highly recommend the movie.

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