On Podcasts and Inspiration

Years ago, I did a weekly comic podcast with my friend, Brian. Over the forty five episodes, Two Speakers and a Microphone changed and evolved into what felt like a great end product. Our listener base was not big, but it was fun to interact with our few loyal fans. It was great to sit and talk about our passion for comics on a weekly basis.

At the time, I listened to a lot of podcasts. That shifted as my life was taken up by other priorities. When I started my new job last year, a coworker piqued my interest in podcasts once again. I started to listening to podcasts on writing, as well as revisiting some of the comic podcasts that I used to enjoy. It was crazy to see most had lasted all these years. Unfortunately with my schedule and the length of the podcasts, the renewed interest did not last long.

Fast forward to a couple of months ago. My girlfriend and I had the chance to see Kumail Nanjiani doing stand up. It was an awesome experience. We both laughed the entire time. I found out Kumail had a podcast about video games that he did with his wife, Emily Gordon. I began listening to the Indoor Kids every week. The mix of humor combined with great guests and a reasonable length made me fall in love with the show.

Then I saw an awesome video on YouTube by Anthony Carboni, which led me to his newest podcast, We Have Concerns. At twenty minute bites, Anthony and his co-host, Jeff Cannata, talk about recent articles they find interesting. The show is both informative and insanely funny. The pair are a perfect fit together and do improv bits mixed into the talks. With three releases a week, the show has never faltered in its level of excellence. I am even a proud backer of the show on Patreon.

We Have Concerns led me to another of Jeff Cannata’s podcasts, DLC. The show is released once a week and talks about all forms of gaming (video games and tabletop). Having recently delved back into gaming, it has been an excellent show to keep up on news and laugh along with each week.

Listening to these great podcasts has got me itching to do my own show once again. Currently in development with my friend, Ben, the new podcast should be ready to release to the world in a couple more weeks. We have done some sound and recording tests. This week we will run through a test show, and from there, we should be ready for the public. The idea is to do a half hour show talking about different pop culture themes from our past. Words cannot express how excited I am about the project.

I hope everyone will give the new show a try when it is released. I will post about it more when the first episode is complete. Until then, check out the podcasts above. And for fun, I am re-posting the last episode of my comic podcast in all its glory. I would love to know what you think. Fair warning, there is some swearing and crude content. Listen to it here.

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