Gotham Versus The Flash

It is a good time to be a comic fan. With the huge success of comic based movies, the genre is popping up in all forms of entertainment. It seems like a new comic based television project gets announced every week. Unfortunately, comics in television have been mixed for me. Arrow has been a solid show since day one. However, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. quickly lost my interest last year. And The Walking Dead hits so many highs and lows that it is starting to make me feel schizophrenic. This television season has already seen the premieres of Gotham and The Flash. My excitement for both series was high, but only one managed to deliver.

Gotham tells the story of the city before Batman. The series focuses on Detective Jim Gordon, and begins with the double homicide of the Waynes. I wish I had anything positive to say about Gotham. The sad fact is that the show does everything wrong. The writing feels schlocky and forced, the dialog is goofy and none of the characters are likeable. The scenery looks fake. It is obvious the creators use green screens a lot, and it fails to blend in a way that makes the scene believable. To top it off, the amount of future Batman villains we see in the pilot is ridiculous. The writers shove so many characters together in the most weakly connected and forced manner. It is painful. I know the fourth episode aired last night, but I gave up after one. There are too many good shows on to give this kind of shit the time of day.

On the other hand, The Flash premiere was excellent. Spinning out of the world of Arrow, the creators put together another show with a lot of heart and cool action. There are a few moments of cheese and some of the scenes of the Flash in action need work, but overall, the show fired on all engines. There are many cool little moments. When the Flash runs by traffic, the cars wobble from the force of speed going past. That is sweet. The cast is also great and made me want to invest my emotions in the people. I want to know more of the story. I want to see how these powers will change Barry and those in his life. And unlike Gotham, all the easter eggs and shout outs to future Flash characters got me excited for the show instead of feeling like I was having characters haphazardly thrown in my face. The subtle, tantalizing approach works perfect. I am pumped for more.

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