Touch My Katamari

Thanks to a sale on the Playstation Store, I grabbed a copy of Touch My Katamari for the PS Vita. I have a growing backlog of games to play, but because of my fond memories of Katamari Damacy on the PS2, I decided to move this game to the front of the line.

For those unfamiliar with the series, you play the role of a prince, the son of the King of All Cosmos. The king instructs you to roll a ball around grabbing up objects in your path. When finished, the king takes the ball (or katamari) and turns it into a star. I know it sounds weird, and it is. The game is bizarre. As you roll objects into the katamari, it grows in size and allows you to roll up even bigger objects. It can get crazy. By the end of the game, you are rolling up entire cities.

Touch My Katamari does not do much to change up the series. Players can use the touch screen to roll and the back touch pad can stretch the katamari into different shapes. The rest of the game remains the same.

Having not played the Katamari series in a decade, it was a blast to pick up again. The story makes little sense and the premise is ridiculous, but that adds to the quirky appeal. I do not carry my Vita around with me, but this game makes me wish I had it nearby to play whenever I have a few minutes free. I do not use the touch controls on the screen. I enjoy using the dual joysticks to maneuver around. And at first, I did not change the shape of the katamari at all. Now that I am growing accustomed to the game again, I have found it useful to roll up objects faster. The back touch pad controls do not always register, but it has not prevented me from enjoying the game.

If you have not played the Katamari series, or if you miss the experience from the old classic, I recommend grabbing a copy of Touch My Katamari. It might not be a perfect game, but it is loads of fun.

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