Big Hero 6

It is hard to know where to start when talking about a movie like Big Hero 6. The film does everything so well. Set in the city of San Fransokyo, Big Hero 6 follows Hiro Hamada, a teenage genius who directs his talents towards the shady world of robot fights and gambling. Concerned with his brother’s wasted potential, Tadashi convinces Hiro to apply at the university’s robotics lab. Events unfold and soon the city is threatened by a masked villain that only Hiro and his new friends can stop.

Big Hero 6 has so many great facets. The visuals are bright and colorful. Details pop on the screen, and even in large scenes, small elements are crisp and defined. This is most clear on the panning street shots throughout the movie. The city is filled with cool, futuristic aspects and technology. A strong Japanese motif throughout the scenes add a layer of foreign mystique to the world. The setting is alien, yet familiar and believable at the same time.

Along with the world design, the characters are fantastic. Each character has a distinct personality. The cast is diverse, intriguing and fun. T.J. Miller and Damon Wayans Jr. provide a level of humor to the story that keeps the movie entertaining without taking away from the gravity of the main story. All these things speak to the high level of writing within the film. The story and character arcs are satisfying and robust. Audiences will find themselves sympathizing with the good and bad characters.

On top of everything else, the tech used by the heroes and villain of the story is bad ass. There were several times in the movie when I turned to my girlfriend and said, “that would be so cool to be able to do.” It grabbed me and made me feel like a kid, excited and on the edge of my seat.

If you are looking for a great action movie with a strong story and excellent cast, then Big Hero 6 will not let you down. It fires on all cylinders. And if that is not enough, there is an animated short before the movie called Feast. It is touching and funny, a great opener for a strong film.


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