State of the Union

The end of this year has been hard for me. First, my grandfather passed away, and then I had to deal with a series of problems with my house. It got me down and stressed me out to the point where I have felt sick for several weeks on end. Part of the repercussions of that has been a lack of motivation to do significant things outside of work. That has led to a large decline in the amount of writing that I have completed.

I do not plan on keeping that pattern in place. I enjoy writing. Having a place to share it with the world has been satisfying. I am proud of the site design overhaul a couple months ago, and look forward to continuing to expand the content.

I am also proud of my new podcast, The Past Cast. I have put a lot of work into it, and think that Ben and I are finding our rhythm. For the unfamiliar, The Past Cast is a podcast where we discuss pop culture topics from our past. The most recent episode is about fashion trends when we were growing up. Other episodes include our favorite NES games, favorite children’s books and movies that we should not have seen as kids. It means the world to me that people choose to take the time to check it out and share it with others.

On top of the podcast, I have been working on a list of my favorite things in 2014. I usually do a “best of music” list each year, but this year I want to switch things up. Instead of music, I will be creating a general “best of” list. It will contain music, movies, games and anything else that I thought was worthwhile from the year. I am in the last stages of whittling down the list and will begin writing up the content soon. Look for it in the coming week.

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read the site. I look forward to what the next year will bring, and hope that you continue this journey with me.

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