[Podcast] Love [Netflix] / Man Seeking Woman

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  • Ok, I am game for watching Man Seeking Woman. I was not compelled to try this show because the title sounded kinda Rom-Com-ish… and I am tired of that shit. But your glowing review has persuaded me. The fact that it is so drastically different (from your description) intrigues me.
    Love was kind of weird for me… I only have watched a few episodes. The main issue I had with the show was the nudity in the first episode… weird for me because I watch this kind of stuff in the office while I paint pretty pictures. It just makes for an awkward atmosphere. Otherwise, I couldn’t care less about nudity. I just didn’t know when boobies might crop up again and embarrass passersby.

    • Yeah, the title seems like a generic Tom Hanks romantic comedy. It is far from that. Hitler is in it a couple times even.

      I’m having a hard time remembering if there were more boobs in Love. There are a few sex scenes, but (from what I recall) the women have on bras or it refrains from showing shots of the boobs. However, those scenes may be awkward anyway based on your setup and those passing by.

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