I love pop culture. I love to write. I do not always love to write about pop culture though. There are times where I feel inspired to put words to the page, but many times I just want to express my opinion verbally with someone else. This desire is the launching ground for the Wrath and Rainbows podcast. The podcast is a means to cover a larger range of topics in a timely manner.

I asked my wife, Heather, to do the show with me for a number of reasons. First, I thought it would be fun to do something creative together. The show is one more way for us to connect. Second, the world needs more women’s voices in it. It is great to see the world from a different perspective, to learn and grow from those experiences outside our own. Hopefully, her voice can add to that.

For those new to podcasts, there are several ways to make sure you do not miss any of the episodes. You can visit this site regularly for updates. In fact, there is a specific URL that will have all the episodes listed. You can find that here.

You can use the embedded player below to check out the latest episode and access all previous episodes:

You can also subscribe to the show through iTunes, an RSS feed or any number of podcast apps.

The iTunes feed is here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/wrath-and-rainbows/id991994528

The RSS feed is here: https://wrathandrainbows.libsyn.com/rss

If you have a preferred podcast app, you can search for “Wrath and Rainbows” and subscribe. If it does not show up in a search, manually enter the RSS feed above. If you are unfamiliar with podcast apps, there are many good ones. For iPhone users, Apple has the functionality built into iTunes. Use the iTunes feed listed above to subscribe. For other users, apps like Podkicker or Pocketcasts are a good place to start. Podkicker has a free version on the Google Play store. Simply download the app and add the podcast to your feeds. The new episodes will show up as they are released.

If you run into any issues or have any questions. Hit me up on the web. All my contact info is located in the social links on the site menu. We would love to hear your feedback on the show in general and the specific topics we cover. It would also be awesome if you rated and reviewed us on whichever platform you decide to listen. Thanks for giving the show a try.