Best of 2014: 20 – 11

20. Never Hungover Again – Joyce Manor [Music] Joyce Manor’s latest, and longest, full length album is nineteen minutes. With ten songs, that is less than two minutes a song on average. For some, that may not seem like a lot. But the brilliance of Joyce Manor is that they do not pad their music with any bullshit. You get […]

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Console Wars

Anyone who grew up in the early 90s remembers the battle for video game dominance. Nintendo had become king of the hill after the massive success of the NES. Sega, looking to break in on their market, launched the Genesis before Nintendo’s own follow up, the SNES. The Genesis steadily took away market share by positioning itself as the cooler, […]

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Wolf in White Van

Having been a fan of the Mountain Goats for years, I was excited to hear that John Darnielle was releasing a novel. I pre-ordered from Amazon, and read through Wolf in White Van during lunch breaks over the next week. The story follows Sean Phillips, the creator of a mail based strategy game called Trace Italian. Phillips invents the game […]

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